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Taking My Own Advice

Happy Monday beautiful readers! Here in our little maison, we are all recovering from a cold/flu bug, so I thought I’d share a post that I wrote last spring about taking care of yourself when you’re ill. (Les Miserables, 8 … Continue reading

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Happy Diamond Jubilee!

We celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years on the throne last night with a little after dinner tea party: And we even lit our “beacons” on the front porch! I got so excited about the event that I slipped once and … Continue reading

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Les Miserables, Encore

Feeling extremely ill today. Ugh. Wasn’t I just sick last month? Yes, according to my archives. That’s the thing about keeping an online journal – you can ascertain certain facts about your daily goings-on fairly easily. I started wondering if … Continue reading

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Veranda March-April 2012

First I must address the obvious thing about this title that made me a bit melancholy. No April edition? Sigh. I guess Veranda is one of those things in life that has to take a break from its own fabulousness … Continue reading

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