Welcome To My Secret Shame

. . .Otherwise known as our one and only full bath. That’s right ladies and gentlemen – our family of four (plus any occasional overnight guests) only has this tiny little salle de bain. True, there is a powder room downstairs (click to peek here), but this minuscule enclave remains the one and only place to bathe or shower in our petite casa. Oh, the abject degradation to which one will subject oneself for the sake of a good oyster bar within walking distance. - But really, I kid. Our small house is a conscious choice, and while it does make it possible to live stress-free inside the beltway, I’m not sure I’d want anything much bigger, no matter where we lived.

Anyway, here are a few pics of this tiny room, which until now have not seen the light of blog day because I just wasn’t all that excited to share all ~30 square feet of its green-tiled splendor. Now I’ve gotten over myself, so voila:

Just to give you a little perspective, this is the shot I get when my rear end is completely smooshed against the sink, and my back is curved back toward the corner a la Cirque du Soleil. Welcome to our expansive toilette. And now, for your viewing pleasure: the north-east corner.

Ok. Moving right along.

Now, I’m quite less than crazy about the adhesive mirror that we applied for the girls tooth brushing self-voyeurism, but this corner has come along way since we painted the formally wood-toned cabinet and mirror and had the foul faucet replaced. Still a lot to be desired, but it’s a start.

And, finalement, you have ze actual shower/bath/doorway. But what is behind curtain number 1?

Oh, just a little slightly rusty shower storage, including a big random heap of rubberduckmylittleponybabydollswhopee. Oh, and if you are especially observant, you’ll notice that my husband keeps his Mach3 shaving cartridge on a lady’s handle, and I like my Venus blade on a man’s. We are so weird like that.

So, you can see that this bathroom was nothing to get excited about. But finally, I figured since we spend so much time in this room that it was worthy of some love. Last week I pulled the trigger on a couple of ultra-clearance items at Target, and it was just the inspiration I needed to overhaul this room. (for about $30 total!) This is a work in progress, but I wanted to share just a sneak peek:

More to come! For, now I’d love to hear from you all! Have any of you ever found an item that was on über-sale, and it ended up inspiring an entire room makeover?


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About C.A.

I'm the daughter of a Marine and a "Bond Girl" type of mom who bestowed upon me a wealth of wisdom. I want to bring that courage, purpose, intelligence, resourcefulness, glamour and joie-de-vivre into every aspect of my life.
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9 Responses to Welcome To My Secret Shame

  1. phyllis says:

    I cant wait to see how you will tackle this room.

  2. Lauren says:

    Out of all the blogs out there CA ~ I really enjoy yours! You rock!

    • C.A. says:

      Lauren – THANK YOU so much! That is incredibly nice to hear. Especially after a crazy couple weeks of illness, busyness, craziness, etc. xoxo

  3. Karen says:

    First, I agree with Lauren! :)

    Looking forward to how you transform this room. You know how to take a small space and make it look amazing!

    We have a little savings budget for bedroom makeover. Hoping to tackle it late spring. I am currently on the look out for some inspirational pieces:) xoxo

    • C.A. says:

      Thanks Karen!!! I’m always just trying to do the best with what we have. :) I really need to get my act together at some point in the future and finally get a sewing machine. Then I could take things to the next level.

      I’m excited about hearing about your bedroom makeover!!! We, too, are perhaps planning a little somethin’ somethin’ in ours for the spring. It mainly involves rearranging things, but I’m on the hunt for some cheap items that I can repurpose! Yay for springtime inspiration! xoxo

  4. Hatton says:

    I love old school tile! Even in pastel colors. Can’t wait to see how you transform it :)

    • C.A. says:

      You know – it’s really grown on me. We have the green in the bathroom and the yellow in the powder room, and I’ve really started to see their charm. :)

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