A Special Delivery

Update! Click here to see the delivery all unpacked and set up!

When the weather gets warm, the front porch is our favorite place in the house. We have tea out here, play cards, sit on the porch swing and basically just enjoy the tranquil serenity the season has to offer. The only time we would feel like this space wasn’t exactly living up to its potential was when we had guests over.

bistro table and chairs

As you can see, there’s not a whole lot of seating. Other than the two sweet little bistro chairs (that I recently recovered) there’s the porch swing:

porch swing

And whenever we had people over we would drag some more chairs out from the dining room and the back deck, but inevitably people would need to spill down the front steps. So, we decided this season that we were going to really invest some time into making this not just our favorite room, but the best room in the house.

I started by getting a new doormat at Tarjay to replace the disgusting, moldy coco mat that will remain un-pictured, less you lose your appetite for breakfast. I also picked up a couple of lanterns at Ikea to add some ambiance to our evening soirées. (Hmm. Saying “evening soirées” is like saying morning breakfast, right?) These little additions were drops in the bucket – but then THIS arrived:

Ragan Meadow 7 piece sectional

This photo fails to capture the shear, ridiculous gargantuan nature of this package. It was a BIG package. If the package had a voice, it would sound like BIG bunny.


(I have NO idea why the auto-embed feature from YouTube isn’t working this morning, but click the link to see a funny video.)

I’m so excited to share all the details of the outdoor sectional as well as show you some pictures of the porch in progress. There’s still a long way to go, but we are in love with the space already! Case in point: Last night my Honey and I snuggled on the sectional and watched the thunderstorm roll in. If there is anything closer to Heaven on Earth, I don’t know what it is!


p.s. I’ve been absent for a few days because of some issues with our iPhoto. Or rather I should say there were some issues with trying to manage, like, a quarter million photos on our 7-year-old MacBook. Our little family was quickly outgrowing that little computer, so Husband got me the best Mother’s Day gift. Ever.

He said he is so proud of all my writing and blogging, and he wanted to make sure I had the tools I needed. What a sweet boy. I feel emboldened and empowered and überexcited to get my blog on. We’ll be using our other laptop to house our extensive music and movie collection, but mine will just be for photos and writing and surfing pinterest while I drink wine research. 

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