Spring Has Sprung!

Ok – so technically, spring doesn’t begin until the equinox on March 20th, but March 1st was the meteorological start of the season. Whether you’re reckoning your seasons by a date on the calendar, a specific temperature or the exact position of the sun as it transitions from the tropic of Capricorn to the equator – honey, it’s lovely outside! (I do apologize to my massive fan base in Siberia, however. You will get your lovely day(s) in the middle of July. иметь терпение, дорогие.) And now, since Daylight Savings Time has begun, I say we just jump right into the spring state of mind!

But first, let’s do a little time travel. Here was our little living room last spring:
ikea stockholm rug

<sad décor music> I don’t have a picture handy of what things looked like before the addition of the Stockholm rug from Ikea, but it was very brown and sage and even worse looking.

And here’s what things looked like in the heat of past summer:
ikea stockholm rug, blue velvet couch,

I painted the coffee table semi-gloss Crumb Cookie by Olympic (this is our trim color). The bench that I recovered in fabric from (shocker) Ikea doesn’t normally reside in this space, but was brought out for a party.

Which brings us up to the present:
ikea stolkholm rug, blue velvet couch, picasso line drawing, ikat curtains, silver tray

First things first. Yes, my Picasso reproduction has been stolen from my husband’s dresser and hung on the living room walls. I think it adds just the right amount of lightness and femininity to the space. I doubt that Husband has even noticed minds that it has moved. I like that the art is now asymmetrical. Speaking of which – you may notice that there is only one curtain panel hung up. (its twin is on the opposite side of the room) This is intentional and permanent, and even though I’m sure I’m breaking all sorts of cardinal rules of decorating – I like it. More on that later though. Even though I had moved the little potted palm into the room at an attempt to capture some of the Palm Springs lush greenery vibe, the butterscotch and snow-leopard throw pillows still screamed “winter!”

ikea stockholm rug, blue velvet couch, picasso line drawing, silver tray, ikat curtains

At last, some spring color! I saw these lovely pillows at Target on Friday, and knew they would be the perfect things to bring some of the season indoors. (Oh, and as you can see we brought up the other side table and painted both the same Crumb Cookie white as the coffee table. But ugh! Their legs weren’t aligned properly, which makes them look like out-of-sync rockettes. All fixed now.)

target pillows, blue velvet couch
I’ve been on the lookout for ways to pull my different blues together, and the aquamarine and cobalt notes in the pillow achieve this perfectly. The fact that they are complimented by white and charcoal gray and depicted in a modern art nouveau design is just icing on the cake. The spring green pillow just brings in an extra punch of pollen-colored loveliness.

What are some ways you’re incorporating spring into your décor? Whether you add some new accessories, arrange some beautiful flowers, or just put out a couple of pastel candles from last Easter, it feels good to embrace this gorgeous time of year! (which reminds me: Mark your calendars – starting next Monday, we are beginning our Spring Fling De-Clutter Your Life event! I’ll give your more details about that in the week ahead!)


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I'm the daughter of a Marine and a "Bond Girl" type of mom who bestowed upon me a wealth of wisdom. I want to bring that courage, purpose, intelligence, resourcefulness, glamour and joie-de-vivre into every aspect of my life.
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13 Responses to Spring Has Sprung!

  1. Karen says:

    Oh your style is so up my ally! Love it! We have a coffee table and TV stand table (hand-me-downs) circa 1990; regal in the day, yet in this decade screams “paint me like an Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie piece!”. Last February, I needed a winter project, so I did what it told me and zhuzhed up the dull brown by painting them white! Pillar white and I’ve loved them since. I did take the legs off the TV stand table and convert it lower to make it a dual side table, but that pop of white is lovely. You know my love for that rug too. Also love the asymmetrically hung art and silver tray. M (Lil’ Miss Plan Ahead) has been assigning our silver pieces for her Princess High Tea birthday party:) We’ve already had our annual spring de-cluttering around here (happened early thanks to third trimester nesting). It was so exhausting but feels SO good:) Look forward to hearing of yours.

    • C.A. says:

      Thanks Karen! Your coffee table and TV stand sound amazing. Ooh la la! Can’t wait to hear more about the Princess High Tea. Sounds like such a wonderful idea! I may have to throw a Royal One Year Anniversary party on April 29th!

  2. Hatton says:

    I am painting my dinged coffee table. But it lives in front of a white couch. Maybe a color? Cobalt….??? Or would that make my living room too red white and blue?

  3. Your room is gorgeous and the curtains on one side make perfect sense and look amazing!! I have a sliding door like that where curtains can only go on one side.


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