Now I See The Light!

As excited as I am do delve into all the interesting and inspiring things that are happing (or about to happen) in my life right now – half marathon, flower arranging for spring, museum tours, green smoothie cleanse, wardrobe overhaul and a major master bedroom makeover – I thought that during these last weeks of dark winter I would take a couple minutes to talk about light.  Wait – what??  Bear with me readers reader, and I will explain.

You know that feeling in the spring when the warmth of the sun starts to cut through the chilliness, and all you want to do is angle your chair toward it and soak up the rays like a lizard?  Or those days in the summer when you’ve been making the most of a glorious day outside, frolicking in the sunshine, and you feel amazing – like anything is possible.  Well even on the darkest, coldest, dreariest (and short!) days of winter you can get that same feeling.  Just spend 30 minutes in the morning with this:

via Amazon

This happens to be the actual light box I have (and love), but this isn’t an endorsement of any one particular brand.  I would make sure if you do get one that you look for one that has 10,000 lux.  It’s not important to know what that means exactly, but just know that the boxes that only put out 2,500 lux or so require sitting next to it for up to TWO HOURS.  Goodness!  Who has time for that???  The makers of those light boxes clearly think that it’s like Club Med up in here with cabana boys and piña coladas.  If I am going to spend two hours soaking up some rays, there had better be a beach or swimming pool and childcare involved.  Ahem.  Anyway.  The session with this little dude only takes up 15-30 minutes of your time, and that can be spent on the computer or iPad, with the newspaper, having coffee and chatting – whatever you like.  In fact, I’m “light-boxing” right now.  Wow – that really just sounded like an 80′s infomercial.  It’s the truth though. During the dark and woefully short days of winter, the light box is a part of my morning ritual.  And feeling that springtime exuberance in your step when it’s the depth of winter is a very good thing.  :)

And hey – this is just one of many ways to fight the doldrums that can creep up in the wintertime.  What are some ways you bring a little joy into your days during the winter?  Leave a comment below and share your tips! :)


Disclaimer:  This post refers to one way I deal with the “mild Winter blues” I think most of us face.  On the other hand, depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder can be very serious, and I am not a doctor*.  That being said, The Mayo Clinic, which is known for innovative and effective treatments, recognizes light therapy as “a proven seasonal affective disorder treatment.”  You can learn more here.

*I do think I look pretty cute in scrubs, but that’s another story all together.


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